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Defining the Boundaries of the Court
The game of basketball is defined by boundaries. All of the action in the game must take place within these boundaries. The use of lines to define these boundaries is the most common method of marking a basketball court.
The boundary lines are necessary in order to define the playable area on the court and to let the players and referees know at which point the ball is considered out of bounds. Traditional court dimensions vary based on the level of basketball being played. The following dimensions are standard for organized levels of basketball:
  • Professional basketball leagues and college – 94 feet long and 50 feet wide.
  • High School – 84 feet long and 50 feet wide.
Other court sizes are possible for different levels of basketball and they can sometimes be determined by whatever space is available. Almost all courts - indoor and outdoor – have the basic boundary lines of the court as a minimum. Some outdoor courts are not lined and just use the limitations of the playable surface as the boundaries. The boundary lines are seen as the bare minimum of lines necessary on a basketball court since defining the playable area is imperative to structuring the game.
Other Important Lines That Affect the Game
Generally outdoor basketball courts have fewer lines than their indoor counterparts. Indoor basketball courts are usually home to basketball that is more organized and can possibly involve referees.
If the basketball court is a full court, there is normally a line that splits the court in half lengthwise called the center line. Both ends of the basketball court are a mirror image of each other from the center line back. This line helps referees to call fouls for different violations that are related to crossing the center line. When the number of players is not enough for a full game, a game can take place on one half of the court and the center line can be used as a boundary line.
Another important line on a basketball court is the foul line. The foul line is usually 15 feet from the basket, but it can vary with the dimensions of the court. This line is also referred to as the free throw line because this is where a player is allowed to shoot free throws. Free throws are uncontested shots that are rewarded to a player who is fouled in the act of shooting the ball. Most outdoor courts have a foul lined marked as well as boundary lines.
A three point line is an arc that is present on both ends of the basketball court. Any shot taken and made behind this line is worth three points. The distance from the three point line to the basket can vary depending on the league. Outdoor courts may not have a three point line.
Lines That Last
Most outdoor courts simply use a weather resistant paint in order to construct the proper lines. Lines that are painted on outdoor courts have to be durable because they are subjected to weather as well as wear and tear from play on the court.
Indoor courts usually have the lines painted on the flooring before the flooring is sealed in order to protect the paint and keep the lines sharp and well defined.
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